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About HDM

David GosnellHi, my name is David Gosnell, and I'll be your composer for this browsing session.

I have a fairly traditional musical background, learning the piano from an early age - adding a few brass, woodwind and percussion instruments along the way - ending up adding composition and conducting to the list during my time at university.

I have always been a huge fan of both films and film music and started out combining writing production library music while doing a 'day job'. This has lead on to writing media music, either per project or as production library tracks (the cues that got away!). So, HDM is me and the talented group of musicians, composers, engineers and programmers with whom I collaborate.

I believe my job is not to write great media music, but to write music that delivers great media.

Timp PE CZ

The vast majority of my work is created on computer using samples, however I have the orchestrational training to produce music for acoustic recording and undertake / produce / conduct recordings as required. In style I'm most 'at home' working with orchestral instrumentation, although samples of my work (see 'Showreels') show I'm totally flexible when it comes to creating the right sound for a specific project, having added compositional techniques and musical genres as I've gone along. Tackling something new that I've never tried before, although challenging, has become one of the most fun parts of the job.

I'm also happy to produce orchestral and sample based demos for other composers who lack either the time, skills or equipment to do it themselves. See the '
What's in it for me? / Composers' page for more information.

Happy to create library music to a brief or work on specific projects; remotely or on site (travel = cost). Hope you enjoy browsing my site and feel free to get in touch for more information about, practically anything...!


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