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The Concept

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Why do you need my work?

Well, because real life isn't simple. My work reflects the complexities and subtlties in every situation; heroes have flaws, villains love their mothers, children aren't all angels, wierd isn't necessarily bad, wholesome can be boring, clouds have silver linings, etc. Effective characters have depth, and my music can help fill that hidden depth.

Under the identity of 'Hidden Depths Music' I specialise in the creation of music for use in media, film and game projects. It is my intention to maintain this site as an online resource to access my work, with new tracks being added by category to the 'Showreels' section. If you are looking for a film composer or media music which is a little different - I hope you'll find you've come to the right place.

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Here you can find samples of my work and information concerning its use as Production Library Music and maybe find inspiration or a collaboration partner for your next project. Additionally, this site hosts the                HDM 'Workspace', which is an online collaboration area focused on ensuring effective team communication to get the right result first time.


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