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HDM Workspace

It is an inevitable element of a composer's life that the music bit gets done right at the end - with half the time that was supposed to be available to do it in. The 'Workspace' is our attempt to counterbalance this challenge by maximising the effectiveness of communication to make sure as little time as possible is spent travelling in the wrong direction. Even if there is a luxury of time to spare, it makes sense that the more those of us on the project responsible for sound communicate - the better the final result will be.

Here, in essence, is how the 'Workspace' works:

HDM Workspace Flowchart


To both make navigation easier and to protect confidential information, within the 'Client Area' of the website - a user is only able to see what they are authorised to see (determined by their username & password). Dependent on the requirements set out by the client, access restrictions can be set; by client organisation, by project, by functional group or even by individual. So, only the people you want to see specific pieces of information or media will be able to see them.


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