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Tranquillo Subscribe Email PDF Print


Beginning with tiny ripples of solo piano, inspiration drives a series of incremental achievements towards the final goal of success.


A motivational track which charts the process of growth and building of confidence and all the possibilities of human

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Elevated Thinking Subscribe Email PDF Print

CorporateElevated Thinking

Beginning with delicate piano and vibraphone, this inspirational track speaks of the human spirit, creativity and warmth with uplifting strings and woodwind to build towards a triumphal emotional climax with brass and choir before melting away to peace and

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Positively Fabulous Subscribe Email PDF Print

Positively Fabulous

You're bouncing down the street with a spring in your step, the birds are singing, passers-by are smiling and everything is right with the world.


An upbeat track, contemporary, but with a hint of the '60s.





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Giving the cellist a Brazilian! Subscribe Email PDF Print

OrchestrationThere's something quite special about collaborating with another composer or musician. Partly you can share the creative load but also you share an objective distance from each other's work which ends up making the whole greater than the sum of it's parts.

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Wholesome Christmas Subscribe Email PDF Print

Wholesome Christmas FCA couple of tracks I have written for Altitude Music's forthcoming 'Wholesome Christmas' library CD. 

The first is an unholy hybrid of 'Winter' from Vivaldi's Four Seasons and 'The Carol Of The Bells'. It's a builder, and thus intended to suggest bringing together a Christmas

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Classical Showreel Subscribe Email PDF Print

ClassicalEvery now and again I remember that I used to play on keyboards that weren't hollow and plastic and get the urge to record something classical instead - or as on this occasion, a client asks me to! All the classical showreel tracks are available as library music.

I've now added

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Strange Blue World Subscribe Email PDF Print

FantasyA Mysterious forest world populated by tall blue people. Written for Focus Music for a Library CD (FCD211 - HOLLYWOOD BLOCKBUSTERS).

Combines South American / African 'tribal' instrumentation and choir with full orchestra - starts slow, quiet and atmospheric then builds big and

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FlashMob Subscribe Email PDF Print

DramaIt's 2 AM in the City and the crew have gathered, summoned via their social network to take part in an event none of them were aware of an hour earlier. Whether they are helping create a new piece of graffiti artwork, creating a garden from a piece of wasteland or planning some

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Bossa Man Subscribe Email PDF Print

AdvertisingHe's the cool guy with the slicked hair who, no matter what obstacles are placed in his way, used his suave charm and slick moves to get the girl and win the day. His cool and his look have a retro feel, as does this track with Latin influences and a touch of 50's/60's smooth.

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Production Library Time-Saver Subscribe Email PDF Print

Library TrackIt may have taken me a little time to cotton on, but most Production Library A&R folks are more interested in what I have for them now than they are in working out what I may be able to produce for them in the future.

As a result, I've created a page which contains only the Read more


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