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Here I am setting out to describe the process of creating a 'garden building' studio. I am posting blog articles as I go along to describe how I reseasrched, planned and built my composer's studio in the back garden which I hope will be a help to fellow composers and maybe

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Why oh why oh why? Subscribe Email PDF Print

Why did I decide to build my own garden studio?
So how did I end up deciding to build my own garden studio?

Well, my starting point was quite different. Plan A was connected to the development plans for our house. The plan was to move a downstairs bathroom upstairs and use the space created to build me a small soundproofed Read more

The Agony of Choice - which shed should I buy for my garden studio? Subscribe Email PDF Print

Choose the best optionOK, so I've decided to buy a log cabin to convert into a composer's studio, but which one is right for me?

Well, I guess you need to know your criteria before you can start to weigh up the options, and for me the basic ones would be:

  • How big / what dimensions?
  • How thick do
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