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ClassicalEvery now and again I remember that I used to play on keyboards that weren't hollow and plastic and get the urge to record something classical instead - or as on this occasion, a client asks me to! All the classical showreel tracks are available as library music.

I've now added some of these recordings to the website - because on occasion, a bit of classical just fits the bill. You can find the Classical Showreel HERE.  This example is a waltz by Chopin, from the opus 64 set (paired with the famous 'Minute Waltz') - No. 7 in C sharp minor.

With a yearning melancholy and sorrowful expression this is one of Chopin's waltzes that explores a deeper plane of emotion. Made famous in the 20th Century by Arthur Rubenstein and Liberace and also featured in the Film 'Arthur' this piece for solo piano speaks elegantly of a subtle love and loss



Showreel: Classical

Instrumentation: Solo Piano


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