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Here I am setting out to describe the process of creating a 'garden building' studio. I am posting blog articles as I go along to describe how I reseasrched, planned and built my composer's studio in the back garden which I hope will be a help to fellow composers and maybe even clients who need to create a little extra space with minimal investment. I should point out from the start that I am intending to do a lot of hammer and saw work myself - but hopefully there will still be things in here of use to those who intend to take the 'throw money at it' approach and pay someone else to do it for you.

I will return to certain posts to update them rather than create new posts (for example, the budget) so when it is all over all relevant information will be in one place for each aspect of the project - it may well be worthwhile checking the latest edit dates from time to time. When a post is added or edited I will post an update on Twitter (@GozHD) for those who want to 'follow' as I go along.

OK, deep breath, and wish me luck!



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