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Taste Of Ashes Subscribe Email PDF Print

Taste Of Ashes

A man stands on the precipice, he no longer wants any part of the things he has done in a life he now regrets. Visions of the people he will leave behind flow across his mind, he is reconciled to the end of this life and the beginning of a new one. He is

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Christmas Stuff! Subscribe Email PDF Print

A new collection of Christmassy stuff ('tis the season for adding sleigh bells to everything!)


We have a music box, a tango, every type of recorder you can imagine, a medieval ensemble, classical orchestral, a guitar duet, hip-hop and a traditional brass ensemble!


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Unusual Fruit Subscribe Email PDF Print

Unusual Fruit

There comes a time in the life of every maker of documentaries when you encounter a true eccentric. This character has a unique world view, which although perfectly rational to them seems to us a little 'off'. This is their soundtrack.


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Plans In Motion Subscribe Email PDF Print

Plans In Motion

All the pieces are in place, all eventualities have been considered and now it is time to put the wheels in motion. The plan commences slowly at first and then gathers momentum. The enemy won't know what hit 'em!





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Zimnal Dark Subscribe Email PDF Print

Zimnal Dark

Reminiscent of a certain movie franchise and a certain composer, this track sets the scene of a city where criminals are dark and the superheroes maybe a little darker. A classic combination of orchestra with synthesisers and liberal use of the Kaboom!

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Blessed Continuity Subscribe Email PDF Print

Blessed Continuity

Whatever grand and dramatic events play out on the main stage, everywhere else, life carries on as normal. This track celebrates the continuity in everyday activities, sometimes happy, sometimes routine, sometimes unusual - but always present.




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A Time Of War Subscribe Email PDF Print

A Time Of War

Solitary trumpet call, sonorous voiceover, three breeds of snare drum - yes, this must be a time of war. Whether its a review of a historic battle or a documentary containing the recollections of veterans and survivors, this is the kind of 'we prepared to attack

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Heat Of Battle Subscribe Email PDF Print


Heat Of Battle

The 6th Panzer Army rumbles to engage the U.S. 2nd Infantry in the weeks following D Day. Heavy armour, determined soldiers, maverick generals and thousands of casualties, all reflected in this 'mechanised battle' cue. It builds from the commencement of

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Not The Baker's Apprentice Subscribe Email PDF Print

Competitive Entertainment 
Not The Baker's Apprentice


The time has come where one plucky competitor is going to have to make the long journey home. They gather exchanging anxious glances in the boardroom/kitchen - the tension rising as we remember their journeys so far. Then enters the decision

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Covertion Subscribe Email PDF Print

CrimeWhether you're peering intently at trace evidence in the lab or setting out with your ski-mask and laser-sighted semi-automatic to take our the terrorist base camp; you are determined, professional, stealthy, cunning - and lets face it just a little bit cool. You may even be the

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