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Showreel Selector

Please select from the following options the showreel which best fits your needs:

Action Adventure Advertising Animated Arts Culture Biography doc
Children Comedy Computer Game Crime Daytime Leisure Disaster
Documentary Drama Factual Entertainment Fantasy historical doc Horror
Mystery Suspense News Current Affairs Period Romantic Sci Fi Seasonal
Sports Thriller Trailer War Western wildlife
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For each Showreel track, there is a little button next to each track which indicates its licensing status:

Library Track These tracks  have been licenced to a publisher and are part of a commercial library. If you would like to use them, the 'Acquire Licence' button will take you to the relevant Publisher's website.
Written To Picture There tracks were written to picture and although not licensed to a publisher will probably need to be rewritten to meet your needs. Clicking the 'Acquire Licence' button will open a Contact form so you can tell us what you need.
Classical These tracks are public domain compositions, but the tracks are either my performance or arrangement. Most are licensed and assigned to a publisher, as with the Library Tracks.
Showreel Track These tracks have been written either for pitches or to illustrate a potential musical approach/use a particular musical style. They are not currently licensed to a publisher. We can also create you something similar to meet your specific needs.

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