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Adventure Showreel


Ha Haaaaaaaaaar!


Adventure films are usually exciting stories, with new experiences or exotic locales, very similar to or often paired with the action film genre. They can include traditional swashbucklers, serialized films, and historical spectacles (similar to the epics film genre), searches or expeditions for lost continents, "jungle" and "desert" epics, treasure hunts & searches for the unknown.



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Clients: To download for use as temp tracks - please use the Adventure showreel listed under the Client menu

1 Aztec Gold [1:58]   - David Gosnell Aztec Gold [1:58] David Gosnell Classical Orchestral
Think family adventure when junior swashbucklers hunt for conquistador gold with a few pirates thrown in for good measure. So we're closer in style to 'Herbie rides to New Mexico' than we are to 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. For full orchestra.
2 Strange Blue World [2:50] - David Gosnell Strange Blue World [2:50] David Gosnell Orchestra, Ocarina, Choir, Tribal Percussion
A Mysterious forest world populated by tall blue people. Combines South American / African 'tribal' instrumentation and choir with full orchestra - starts slow & quiet then builds big. Available as production library music via Focus Music as 'Blue World'
3 Chocks Away! [01:04] - David Gosnell Chocks Away! [01:04] David Gosnell Classical Orchestra
The handle-bar moustaches, the old kite, the silk scarf trailing behind, a good thrashing for Bertie Bosch and back to Blighty in time for afternoon tea - Hurrah! A ripping yarn of adventure and daring do before the invention of the unmanned drone and enemies unsporting enough not to wear a uniform. Welcome to the world of Biggles and Alan Quartermain!
4 Predator [1:00] - David Gosnell Predator [1:00] David Gosnell Cinematic Orchestra & Choir & Solo Female Voice
Epic trailer style track with a middle-eastern flavour. Opens with driving drums and soulful female vocal followed by full orchestra and choir chants to an epic climax. Perfect for trailers, sports promos or advertising(and conveniently sized at 60 seconds!).
5 Plans In Motion [1:44] - David Gosnell Plans In Motion [1:44] David Gosnell Classical Orchestra
All the pieces are in place, all eventualities have been considered and now it is time to put the wheels in motion. The plan commences slowly at first and then gathers momentum. The enemy won't know what hit 'em!
6 Zimnal Dark [2:17] - David Gosnell Zimnal Dark [2:17] David Gosnell Cinematic Orchestra, synthesisers, sound design
Reminiscent of a certain movie franchise and a certain composer, this track sets the scene of a city where criminals are dark and the superheroes maybe a little darker. A classic combination of orchestra with synthesisers and liberal use of the Kaboom! button.
7 Flight of The Reindeer [1:07]  - David Gosnell Flight of The Reindeer [1:07] David Gosnell Classical Orchestra
Excited children point to the sky as Santa whooshes past on his rounds. A lively sleigh-ride ensues on the night before Christmas for full orchestra including all manner of bells. Uplifting tune encapsulates the spirit of the season providing the perfect underscore for ads, features and shopping!
8 Combat of Destiny [7:41]   - David Gosnell Combat of Destiny [7:41] David Gosnell Cinematic Orchestra + spring reverb guitar!
Written to picture, this is the closing fight scene where a medieval hero and his nemesis have their final battle whilst their lieutenants (two estranged brothers) fight and eventually reunite via memories of their childhood and the love of their mother. The villain dies with true Gothic splendour and destiny is fulfilled. Not currently available as Library Music, please contact us if you'd like to use an edit or something similar and I'll create something for you to match your needs.
9 Constrictor [2:29]   - David Gosnell Constrictor [2:29] David Gosnell Orchestra, Guitar, Male Choir, South American Percussion, FX
Slithery goings-on in the Amazon. Available as production library music via Focus Music as 'Mind Games'

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