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Comedy Showreel

Well, you've got to laugh...


Comedies are light-hearted plots consistently and deliberately designed to amuse and provoke laughter (with one-liners, jokes, etc.) by exaggerating the situation, the language, action, relationships and characters. This section describes various forms of comedy through cinematic history, including slapstick, screwball, spoofs and parodies, romantic comedies, black comedy (dark satirical comedy), and more.


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1 Our Town - David Gosnell Our Town David Gosnell Classical Orchestra
This may not be much of a town - but it's Our Town. A new day is dawning as everyone prepares for business as usual, but they're wrong. Today is going to be the beginning of a great adventure (cue kids, animals, quirky parents and stereotypical villains played by actors you know really well but can't remember their names - yup, you're in Disneysville)
2 Marimbum Pizzicatus [1:40]  - David Gosnell Marimbum Pizzicatus [1:40] David Gosnell Marimba, Strings, Piano, Latin Percussion, Woodwind, Sound Design
It is a prime directive of International Law that music for Dramedy must feature Marimba, Pizzicato strings and optionally piano. As a law abiding citizen, I have no choice but to comply. There are curious goings on in suburbia, where the white picket fence is decorated by a corpse - waiting to be reburied for fear of inadvertant discovery. And you wouldn't believe the series of events which lead to the corpse's demise in the first place. Who'd have thought a fish tank could be so hazardous?
3 Cannibal's Tea Party [1:00] - David Gosnell Cannibal's Tea Party [1:00] David Gosnell String Quintet & Harp
A polite Society dinner with all the guests in tie and tails and entertained by a string quartet - but the menu is a little more sinister. Beautifully dressed zombies waltzing around the floor. Perfect for highlighting a graceful task performed by the clumsy or or repulsive. Ads, drama or lifestyle.
4 Septiq [02:20] - David Gosnell Septiq [02:20] David Gosnell Mixed Percussion / Acoustic / Electric Ensemble
Quirky ensemble piece in 7/4 with an upbeat groove. Edgy romantic or black comedy or children's fantasy drama. Fun, happy and festive with a twist. Lots of unusual percussion, driven by bongo/conga rhythm and jazz bass. Cool vibe for ads, corporate or film/tv.
5 Irregular Soldiers - David Gosnell Irregular Soldiers David Gosnell TV Orchestra miscellany of some sort!
A unique military group; whether because they have special skills, are misfits, operate beyond the law, or posses a criminal wardrobe. They undertake covert missions and fire thousands of bullets without causing a single fatality. A blast from the 1980's where exploding cars made Saturday nights.
6 Playing It Cool - David Gosnell Playing It Cool David Gosnell Jazz ensemble - bass solo.
Mingus meets Mancini in a track that features a driving double bass riff with smoky saxophones. Tenor and alto sax throw a melody around between them until they are joined by the rest of the band at the conclusion. Equally suitable for film or advertising, crime, noir & comedy with a flavor of swing
7 Neapolitana - David Gosnell Neapolitana David Gosnell Italian Wedding band (not the ring!)
You come to my house on the day my daughter is to be married - and I expect you to Dance! A traditional Italian Wedding dance which will work well for anything festive and Italian, whether it is a crime caper, travel or just pasta night. Great for drama, comedy, advertisement or documentary
8 Twinkle Toes - David Gosnell Twinkle Toes David Gosnell Classical Orchestra
The little elves are hard at work in the toy workshop and the fairies flit around the flowers adding the morning dew. A solo celesta weaves a 'sugar plum fairy' dance above a string and woodwind, creating a magical and ethereal atmosphere. Perfect for Christmas, fairy tales or reality tv make-overs!
9 La Fleur Bizarre - David Gosnell La Fleur Bizarre David Gosnell Hot Club swing band - gypsy guitar solo
Extra-French Gypsy Jazz in the style of Django Reinhardt. Feature an Acoustic Guitar accompanied by bandoneon, Jazz Bass, rhythm guitar and brushed drums. Uptempo swing track with a blues feel. More improv. than melody, so a perfect underscore for commercials, travel or 1930's mood setting
10 Oversized Shoes [1:18]  - David Gosnell Oversized Shoes [1:18] David Gosnell Saxophones, Strings, Woodwind, Drum Kit, Harp
The tears of a clown. Yes a cliché, I know, but as Krusty goes about his antics entertaining the little children, he hides a secret pain that only the most perceptive can see. The less perceptive will of course notice the Jack Daniels empties on the back seat of his car.

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