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Crime & Ganster Showreel

CrimeHang on lads, I've got a plan ...

Crime & gangster films are developed around the sinister actions of criminals and mobsters. Criminal and gangster films are often categorized as film noir or detective-mystery films - because of underlying similarities between these cinematic forms. This category includes stories about cops, CSIs and maybe even courtroom dramas


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1 Shades of Cool [2:44] - David Gosnell Shades of Cool [2:44] David Gosnell Cinematic Orchestra, e-bass, piano
Assassin, vampire, über-villain - whatever the case our anti-hero has a dark side, but you have to admit he's cool. Perfect for a scene without dialogue where we're just observing him going about his business in the coolest of black-wearing fashions - possibly with shades - even though its dark!
2 Zimnal Dark - David Gosnell Zimnal Dark David Gosnell Cinematic Orchestra, synthesisers, sound design
Reminiscent of a certain movie franchise and a certain composer, this track sets the scene of a city where criminals are dark and the superheroes maybe a little darker. A classic combination of orchestra with synthesisers and liberal use of the Kaboom! button.
3 Covertion [2:20] - David Gosnell Covertion [2:20] David Gosnell Synthesisers, sound design, bass, drums.
Whether you're peering intently at trace evidence in the lab or setting out with your ski-mask and laser-sighted semi-automatic to take our the terrorist base camp; you are determined, professional, stealthy, cunning - and lets face it just a little bit cool. You may even be the sort of guy who needs to remove his sunglasses in order to deliver a pithy one-liner. Whatever the case, this dark rhythmic track suits you down to the ground.
4 Final Showdown [2:09] - David Gosnell Final Showdown [2:09] David Gosnell Strings & Rock/Metal
Two opponents are squaring up to take each other on. They could be boxers, football teams or even reality show contestants. A pulsing string rhythm is joined by drums, bass & lead guitars building to chugging power chords and the climax before the battle. Perfect for the trailer to the "main event". Also available with strings substituted by acoustic guitar.
5 Koka Plaza - David Gosnell Koka Plaza David Gosnell Indian Ensemble, Drum Machine
India means business! Whether it is an overview of the commercial districts of Mumbai or tough guys or suits son the mean streets of Bangalore. Available with and without vocals the track combines driving electro beats with authentic instruments. Good for travel, documentary, fashion, ads or drama
6 Ludwigga [1:52] - David Gosnell Ludwigga [1:52] David Gosnell Orchestral / Hip hop fusion
Beethoven Symphony No.7 - Allegretto - but with a laid back hip-hop twist. Also available as a straight 'classical' variant; arranged for strings and timpani (don't worry, it's still majestic!). Suitable for advertising, moments of great drama and recreations of 'The King's Speech', or rapping over!
7 Fang Cue [2:08] - David Gosnell Fang Cue [2:08] David Gosnell Synths, guitars, drums & more synths
For some reason it is impossible to kill vampires and zombies these days without wearing a cool leather coat and wielding a Samurai sword. I'm not sure this cue would have worked too well for Peter Cushing, and what's wrong with a crucifix, some garlic and a bag of wooden stakes for pity's sake? Our flawed hero has put on the long black leather coat and is setting out to battle vampires/Zombies/Bankers. He/She is armed with synths, contemporary beats, thrash metal guitars, LoFi FX, Sound Design and a samurai sword. Business is about to pick up!
8 Bio-mechanical [1:49] - David Gosnell Bio-mechanical [1:49] David Gosnell Synthesisers, saxophones & orchestra
Synthesisers mixed with saxophones & orchestra with a kind of culty 1970's feel. Cops in the car patrolling the mean streets or a gang of villains casing the joint in preparation for a heist. Not currently available as Library Music, please contact us if you'd like to use an edit or something similar and we'll create something for you to match your needs.
9 Unusual Fruit [2:26] - David Gosnell Unusual Fruit [2:26] David Gosnell Piano, Zither, Vibraphone, Violin, Woodwind, Strings & Sound Design
Sometimes, being a criminal genius can affect your sanity a little. Therefore, some criminal masterminds are a little unusual, yet surprisingly effective. If your criminal is a little 'off' - this is the track for them.
10 Plans In Motion [1:44] - David Gosnell Plans In Motion [1:44] David Gosnell Classical Orchestra
All the pieces are in place, all eventualities have been considered and now it is time to put the wheels in motion. The plan commences slowly at first and then gathers momentum. The perpetrator won't know what hit 'em!

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