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Daytime & Leisure Showreel

Daytime Leisure
So, what will chavs be wearing this summer?

Buying a home, renovating a house, relocating, going to the auction, catching up on the soaps, checking out the holiday destinations, learning a new craft or a diet to avoid cystitis. Love it or hate it, daytime & leisure tv are here to stay; and all of them need music!


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Clients: To download for use as temp tracks - please use the Daytime / Leisure showreel listed under the Client menu

1 Updraft [2:50]  - David Gosnell Updraft [2:50] David Gosnell Guitars, Drum,s Mandolin Piano String Quartet
Starts with a simple piano theme joined in turn by Mandolin, acoustic guitar, drums and syncopated string quartet, building into a confident optimistic high energy rock track. A build repeat and final fade offer much opportunity to edit for Corporate, TV, Film, Sports, Website, Documentary or Drama
2 Septiq [2:20] - David Gosnell Septiq [2:20] David Gosnell Mixed Percussion / Acoustic / Electric Ensemble
Quirky ensemble piece in 7/4 with an upbeat groove. Edgy romantic or black comedy or children's fantasy drama. Fun, happy and festive with a twist. Lots of unusual percussion, driven by bongo/conga rhythm and jazz bass. Cool vibe for ads, corporate or film/tv.
3 Il Cuoco in Francia [1:39] - David Gosnell Il Cuoco in Francia [1:39] David Gosnell Orchestra, Mandolin, Solo VIolin
Imagine yourself walking or driving in the Italian countryside, pausing at a local market to buy fresh food and vegetables before settling down back at your villa to watch the sunset. Perfect for advertising that car driving through deserted scenery or a travel programme - with space for voice-over.
4 Twinkle Toes [1:06]  - David Gosnell Twinkle Toes [1:06] David Gosnell Classical Orchestra, Celesta Solo
The little elves are hard at work in the toy workshop and the fairies flit around the flowers adding the morning dew. A solo celesta weaves a 'sugar plum fairy' dance above a string and woodwind, creating a magical and ethereal atmosphere. Perfect for Christmas, fairy tales or reality tv make-overs!

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