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Historical Documentary Showreel

historical doc
Gerry was here, here, and here...


In so much as a bio doc tells of significant historical events from the point of view of an individual - the historical documentary explores the lives of many individuals within the context of a specific event or period. Subjects may include wars, a period of history (e.g. medieval), or a period of great change (e.g. the industrial revolution). Music of a contemporaneous style helps stitch the archive footage together.


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Clients: To download for use as temp tracks - please use the Fantasy showreel listed under the Client menu

1  After The 'Clean War'  - David Gosnell After The 'Clean War' David Gosnell Orchestra Organ & Choir
A quasi classical 'mass' type piece where we survey the scene of carnage left by a 'discrete intervention'. The tone is one of pity mixed with the emotion of loss. Never published.
2 End of an Era - David Gosnell End of an Era David Gosnell Brass Band
Brass band memories of yester-year. Produced with year 2000 technology, but probably still serviceable as a background. Not currently available as Library Music, please contact us if you'd like to use an edit or something similar and we'll create one for you to match your needs (using more up-to-date instrument samples!).
3 Plans In Motion [1:44] - David Gosnell Plans In Motion [1:44] David Gosnell Classical Orchestra
Recalling past victories and losses.All the pieces are in place, all eventualities have been considered and now it is time to put the wheels in motion. The plan commences slowly at first and then gathers momentum. The enemy won't know what hit 'em!
4 Medieval Scene [2:00] - David Gosnell Medieval Scene [2:00] David Gosnell Medieval Ensemble
A scene of everyday medieval life. A busy street scene, castle or banquet with nobles, peasants, jesters, troubadours and the anticipation of a tournament, jousting and feasting. Intro & lively dance, written for original medieval instruments and suitable or historical drama or documentary
5 Nostalgia - David Gosnell Nostalgia David Gosnell Classical Orchestra
Remembering a happy past love. Distant string quartet, woodwind solos & an emotional climax, melting away into the mists of time. Mysterious, tender, nostalgic & sentimental. Romantic drama, sad farewell or hopeful reunion. Lovers dancing under moonlight, eternal love devotion compassion. Uplifting.
6 Refugee - David Gosnell Refugee David Gosnell Orchestra with Duduk
Refugees caught up in someone else's war, wildlife caught in an oil slick, homeowners scattered by a tropical storm. This music speaks of the collateral damage inflicted by life changing events in history, a plaintive duduk melody underscored by muted and tremolando strings and a French horn section
7 Schubert Fantasia in Fm Op 103 [Abridged] - David Gosnell Schubert Fantasia in Fm Op 103 [Abridged] David Gosnell Piano Duet
Used to great effect in the films 'Madame Sousatzka' and 'Sunshine', this wistful duet opening is one of his crowning achievements. It is at once both child-like and profound, speaking of a tragic sadness which must be hidden from public gaze. Always elegant and sophisticated, but warm and human.
8 Cloudy Skies - David Gosnell Cloudy Skies David Gosnell Piano & Strings
Haunting track for piano and strings. Speaks of loss, uncertainty, waiting for dreaded news and deep contemplation. Perfect both for drama, documentary or charity appeals with plenty of space for voice-over if required. Spatial, dreamy & atmospheric, with piano as solo and with strings.
9 Before Appomattox - David Gosnell Before Appomattox David Gosnell Classical Orchestra
Happier times in the rural American South, the opening credits to a story of how that was all going to change. Simple folk living their lives on the land, and whose nobility was to change from battling the elements to fighting each other. Scored for full orchestra with soulful 'Southern' violin solo
10 Restoration Man - David Gosnell Restoration Man David Gosnell String Orchestra
In a quiet country church and aged craftsman sets to work restoring the stained glass windows, reflecting on the centuries of English history which surround him. An emotional yet subtle pride In England, it's history and achievements. For string orchestra offering a versatile dramatic underscore.

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