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Horror Showreel

It's Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!


Horror films are designed to frighten and to invoke our hidden worst fears, often in a terrifying, shocking finale, while captivating and entertaining us at the same time in a cathartic experience. Horror films feature a wide range of styles, from the earliest silent Nosferatu classic, to today's CGI monsters and deranged humans. There are many sub-genres of horror: slasher, teen terror, serial killers, satanic, Dracula, Frankenstein, etc.


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1 Fang Cue - David Gosnell Fang Cue David Gosnell Synths & Rock
The unholy child of Resident Evil & Blade. Synthy spookiness combined with the kind of rock that wears back leather and sunglasses - even when it's dark!
2 Bach Fantasia in G Minor, BWV 542 (abridged) - David Gosnell Bach Fantasia in G Minor, BWV 542 (abridged) David Gosnell Organ Solo
Forget the toccata in Dm, the discerning mad professors phantoms and other archetypal gothic characters would choose this Bach organ piece. Carefully edited to keep the intensity high and performed with an appropriately maniacal lack of restraint. Perfect for creating a dramatic spooky atmosphere.
3 Cannibal's Tea Party [1:00] - David Gosnell Cannibal's Tea Party [1:00] David Gosnell String Quintet & Harp
A polite Society dinner with all the guests in tie and tails and entertained by a string quartet - but the menu is a little more sinister. Beautifully dressed zombies waltzing around the floor. Perfect for highlighting a graceful task performed by the clumsy or or repulsive. Ads, drama or lifestyle.
4 Occult Voices [2:07] - David Gosnell Occult Voices [2:07] David Gosnell Classical Orchestra and Latin Vomiting Choir
Big Chorus and Orchestra opening followed by Latin chants with an apocalyptic climax to finish. An unholy union of Carmina Burana and The Omen. Perfect for Halloween, occult activities. forces of nature and manifestations of awesome power. Ideal for trailers, spooky specials and comic horror parody.
5 Draculstein [01:43] - David Gosnell Draculstein [01:43] David Gosnell Classical Orchestra & Organ
A monster, true, but with emotional depth. A Gothic tale for orchestra & organ with all the scary stops. Think Frank Langella not Christopher Lee - Robert De Niro not Boris Karloff. Dark dramatic dangerous. Epic Romance, passionate, brooding, classical horror flick. Sadness, pity, mystery & demons
6 Nimius [2:16] - David Gosnell Nimius [2:16] David Gosnell Cinematic Orchestra, Choir & Sound Design
An archetypal trailer track for the overly muscled sword-wielding type. Complete with oversized brass, latin-vomiting choir, a few anvils and liberal pressing of the Kabooom! button.
7 Shades of Cool [2:44] - David Gosnell Shades of Cool [2:44] David Gosnell Cinematic Orchestra, e-bass, piano
Assassin, vampire, über-villain - whatever the case our anti-hero has a dark side, but you have to admit he's cool. Perfect for a scene without dialogue where we're just observing him going about his business in the coolest of black-wearing fashions - possibly with shades - even though its dark!
8 Voices Orff [2:07] - David Gosnell Voices Orff [2:07] David Gosnell Classical Orchestra and Latin Vomiting Choir
Carmina Burana Pastiche - high intensity action, occult for choir and orchestra. Big opening, quieter second section for voice-overs and climactic finish. Available as Production Music via Focus Music as 'Voices Of Fortune'
9 Predator [1:00] - David Gosnell Predator [1:00] David Gosnell Cinematic Orchestra with Female Vocal & Choir
Epic trailer style track with a middle-eastern flavor. Opens with driving drums and soulful female vocal followed by full orchestra and choir chants to an epic climax. Perfect for trailers, sports promos or advertising
10 He's At The Door! [1:42] - David Gosnell He's At The Door! [1:42] David Gosnell Classical Orchestra
Schlock horror tension builder as the Gothic monster stalks the girl in the tight sweater. Available as Production Music via Focus Music as 'The Devil You Know'

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