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Romantic Showreel

Don't say anything daaaahling,       just,  hold me...


Romance films are love stories that focus on passion, emotion, and the affectionate involvement of the main characters and the journey that their love takes through a period of time. Subgenres include Romantic Drama, Chick Flicks, Romantic Comedy and Romantic Thrillers.


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1 Il Cuoco in Francia [1:39] - David Gosnell Il Cuoco in Francia [1:39] David Gosnell Orchestra, Mandolin, Solo VIolin, Solo Clarinet
Imagine yourself walking or driving in the Italian countryside, pausing at a local market to buy fresh food and vegetables before settling down back at your villa to watch the sunset. Perfect for advertising that car driving through deserted scenery or a travel programme - with space for voice-over.
2 Leaving Tomorrow [2:26] - David Gosnell Leaving Tomorrow [2:26] David Gosnell Classical Orchestra
Having nursed the hero she found back to health the time has come where he's well enough to leave to finish his task. They exchange tender words and embrace, and in that moment realise they can not bear to be parted. A moment of emotional drama scored for strings and harp combining warmth & pain.
3 Updraft [2:50] - David Gosnell Updraft [2:50] David Gosnell Guitars, Drums, Mandolin Piano String Quartet
Starts with a simple piano theme joined in turn by Mandolin, acoustic guitar, drums and syncopated string quartet, building into a confident optimistic high energy rock track. A build repeat and final fade offer much opportunity to edit for Corporate, TV, Film, Sports, Website, Documentary or Drama
4 A Love Beyond Loyalties [2:22] - David Gosnell A Love Beyond Loyalties [2:22] David Gosnell Classical Orchestra
Two young people from conflicting sides embrace following escape from shared danger. In that embrace they realise they have fallen in love and move from gentle affection to despair as they realise they must choose to betray their old loyalties or part with love unrequited. Orchestral romantic drama.
5 Neapolitana [2:07] - David Gosnell Neapolitana [2:07] David Gosnell Italian Wedding band (not the ring!)
You come to my house on the day my daughter is to be married - and I expect you to Dance! A traditional Italian Wedding dance which will work well for anything festive and Italian, whether it is a crime caper, travel or just pasta night. Great for drama, comedy, advertisement or documentary
6 Playing It Cool [2:45] - David Gosnell Playing It Cool [2:45] David Gosnell Jazz ensemble - bass solo.
Mingus meets Mancini in a track that features a driving double bass riff with smoky saxophones. Tenor and alto sax throw a melody around between them until they are joined by the rest of the band at the conclusion. Equally suitable for film or advertising, crime, noir & comedy with a flavour of swing
7 Septiq [2:20] - David Gosnell Septiq [2:20] David Gosnell Mixed Percussion / Acoustic / Electric Ensemble
Quirky ensemble piece in 7/4 with an upbeat groove. Edgy romantic or black comedy or children's fantasy drama. Fun, happy and festive with a twist. Lots of unusual percussion, driven by bongo/conga rhythm and jazz bass. Cool vibe for ads, corporate or film/tv.
8 Nostalgia [2:12] - David Gosnell Nostalgia [2:12] David Gosnell Classical Orchestra
Remembering a happy past love. Distant string quartet, woodwind solos & an emotional climax, melting away into the mists of time. Mysterious, tender, nostalgic & sentimental. Romantic drama, sad farewell or hopeful reunion. Lovers dancing under moonlight, eternal love devotion compassion. Uplifting.
9 Blessed Continuity [1:54] - David Gosnell Blessed Continuity [1:54] David Gosnell Mixed Ensemble
Whatever grand and dramatic events play out on the main stage, everywhere else, life carries on as normal. This track celebrates the continuity in everyday activities, sometimes happy, sometimes routine, sometimes unusual - but always present.
10 Sorry Too Late [1:40] - David Gosnell Sorry Too Late [1:40] David Gosnell Acoustic Guitar, Strings
Our hero has found is soulmate, but, he screwed up and now they're spit up. He has to take this one chance to dry her tears and apologise. As luck would have it, she accepts! Scored for acoustic guitar and strings. Not currently available as Library Music, please contact us if you'd like to use an edit or something similar and we'll create one for you to match your needs.

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