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Seasonal Showreel Vol. 2

Ching, ching, ching, ching....

We've tried to create a set of Christmas tracks which are a little unusual (without just adding sleigh bells to a track that has nothing to do with Christmas!)

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1 A Seasonal Gathering [2:18]   - David Gosnell A Seasonal Gathering [2:18] David Gosnell Chamber Orchestra, Hand Bells
A hybrid of 'Winter' from Vivaldi's Four Seasons and 'The Carol Of The Bells'. It's a builder, and thus intended to suggest bringing together a Christmas project or the arrival of friends preparing to celebrate the season with good cheer.
2 Polkadot Sleighride [2:24]   - David Gosnell Polkadot Sleighride [2:24] David Gosnell Full Orchestra - with extra Bells
This is a troika with a bit of 1950's nostalgia thrown in for good measure, suggestive of a return to a more traditional family Christmas - possibly with a bit of home-made thriftiness?

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