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Western Showreel

WesternThat guy just struck a match on his stubble!


Westerns are devoted to telling stories set primarily in the latter half of the 19th century in the American Old West, hence the name. Westerns often portray how desolate and hard life was for American frontier families. This may be depicted by showing conflict between natives and settlers or U.S. Cavalry or between cattle ranchers and farmers ("sodbusters"), or by showing ranchers being threatened by the onset of the Industrial Revolution.

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1 Before Appomattox [1:40] - David Gosnell Before Appomattox [1:40] David Gosnell Classical Orchestral
Happier times in the rural American South, the opening credits to a story of how that was all going to change. Simple folk living their lives on the land, and whose nobility was to change from battling the elements to fighting each other. Scored for full orchestra with soulful 'Southern' violin solo
2 Homespun Wisdom [2:22] - David Gosnell Homespun Wisdom [2:22] David Gosnell Classical Orchestra
A polite Society dinner with all the guests in tie and tails and entertained by a string quartet - but the menu is a little more sinister. Beautifully dressed zombies waltzing around the floor. Perfect for highlighting a graceful task performed by the clumsy or or repulsive. Ads, drama or lifestyle.
3 Return to Shiloh [1:31] - David Gosnell Return to Shiloh [1:31] David Gosnell Classical Orchestra
A story from American history, not the battles of the civil war or the gunfights of cowboys but the story of the lives ordinary people. The challenges of individual existence played out on an epic landscape. Perfect for opening titles, historical documentary or ads evoking traditional values.

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