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Wildlife Documentary Showreel

wildlifeThe otter swims playfully in the water, and yet...


A natural history film or wildlife film is a documentary film about animals, plants, or other non-human living creatures, usually concentrating on film taken in their natural habitat. Such programmes are most frequently made for television, but some are also made for the cinema. Most programs or series focus on a particular species, ecosystem or scientific idea (such as evolution). Although most take a scientific and educational approach, some anthropomorphise their subjects or present animals purely for the viewer's pleasure.

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1 Arctic Fox [2:06]   - David Gosnell Arctic Fox [2:06] David Gosnell Classical Orchestral
Wildlife track scored for full orchestra. Opens with the shimmering of the Arctic twilight as the fox emerges to begin the ongoing battle for survival. In time the sun rises and the awesome beauty of the polar landscape is revealed. Available as a library track via Focus Music as 'Shadow Of Light'. Please contact us direct for a longer edit than the one they offer.
2 No Survivors [2:14] - David Gosnell No Survivors [2:14] David Gosnell Piano, Cello, Sound Design
Sometimes a picture is so compelling the music only needs to provide a frame to view it in. Scenes of devastation, the countless victims of a natural disaster, wildlife on the verge of extinction, desert where there once was forest or the devastation of a single individual. This simple track underscores the emptiness when all is lost.

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