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WorldAdd a little geocultural flavour...


Not a specific production genre as such, which could include any of the genres above but set and enacted within the context of a specific geographical culture. Musically, the same emotional ground is covered but with the use of authentic indigenous instruments played in a culturally appropriate way.

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1 La Fleur Bizarre [1:32]  - David Gosnell La Fleur Bizarre [1:32] David Gosnell Hot Club swing band - gypsy guitar solo
Extra-French Gypsy Jazz in the style of Django Reinhardt. Feature an Acoustic Guitar accompanied by bandoneon, Jazz Bass, rhythm guitar and brushed drums. Uptempo swing track with a blues feel. More improv. than melody, so a perfect underscore for commercials, travel or 1930's mood setting
2 Il Cuoco in Francia [1:39]  - David Gosnell Il Cuoco in Francia [1:39] David Gosnell Orchestra, Mandolin, Solo VIolin
Imagine yourself walking or driving in the Italian countryside, pausing at a local market to buy fresh food and vegetables before settling down back at your villa to watch the sunset. Perfect for advertising that car driving through deserted scenery or a travel programme - with space for voice-over.
3 Koka Plaza (with vocals) [2:52]  - David Gosnell Koka Plaza (with vocals) [2:52] David Gosnell Indian Ensemble, Drum Machine, Male Vocals
India means business! Whether it is an overview of the commercial districts of Mumbai or tough guys or suits son the mean streets of Bangalore. Available with and without vocals the track combines driving electro beats with authentic instruments. Good for travel, documentary, fashion, ads or drama
4 The Decision [2:05]   - David Gosnell The Decision [2:05] David Gosnell String Quartet, Alto Flute, Strings, Tablas
Between a rock and a hard place, our hero faces a difficult choice which he must make alone. He thinks over the options and finally reaches a decision and sets about his new course. Written for alto flute, string quartet and tablas. Suitable for dramas or documentaries where decisions must be made.
5 Neapolitana [2:07]  - David Gosnell Neapolitana [2:07] David Gosnell Italian Wedding band (not the ring!)
You come to my house on the day my daughter is to be married - and I expect you to Dance! A traditional Italian Wedding dance which will work well for anything festive and Italian, whether it is a crime caper, travel or just pasta night. Great for drama, comedy, advertisement or documentary
6   China Atmosphere [2:02]    - David Gosnell China Atmosphere [2:02] David Gosnell Chinese Ensemble
Traditional music evoking a peaceful sunny afternoon in a Chinese palace garden. Chinese indigenous instruments, elegant, cinematic & mysterious. Emperors, ancient dynasties, mystical Asian romance, Mandarin love affair. Tender & emotional. Historical documentary, travel channel holiday celebration.
7 Godfather [2:21]   - David Gosnell Godfather [2:21] David Gosnell Guitar, strings, accordion, violin, clarinet.
Godfather Pastiche; guitar, strings, accordion, violin, clarinet.Available as Production music via Focus Music as 'Head of The Family'
8 Strange Blue World [2:50]  - David Gosnell Strange Blue World [2:50] David Gosnell Cinematic Orchestra, Exotic Percussion & Choir
A Mysterious forest world populated by tall blue people. Combines South American / African 'tribal' instrumentation and choir with full orchestra - starts slow & quiet then builds big. Available as a Library track via Focus Music as 'Blue World'
9 Collateral Damage [1:56] - David Gosnell Collateral Damage [1:56] David Gosnell Orchestra with Duduk
Refugees caught up in someone else's war, wildlife caught in an oil slick, homeowners scattered by a tropical storm. This music speaks of the collateral damage inflicted by life changing events in history, a plaintive duduk melody underscored by muted and tremolando strings and a French horn section

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