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Why Hire HDM?

Atlas MS ColourizedPEThere are lots of composers out there, most of whom describe themselves as 'Award Winning' and there are many composers you have probably worked with before, achieving a variety of results. So, why should you give HDM a shot at your next project?


Other than creativity - which hopefully we can deliver in spades - we'd like to think the HDM difference is that we successfully combine artistry with business. We seek not only to use music to help the audience engage with the story you are trying to tell but that our business-driven approach to process, communication and workflow will deliver exceptional results first time - more of the time.


With ego checked at the door, our #1 priority will always be collaboration in the successful achievement of the Director's vision, the Producer's objectives and an engaging experience for the audience.


Well, we know time is money, so we've given some reasons laid out dependent on what we think may be most important to you, dependent on your role in the creative process.


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