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Atlas LA ColourizedPEWhy consider HDM for your next Advertisement or Corporate Video?


Well, there are at least 2 reasons:


1. We understand both sides of desk

2. Why Not?


Both Sides Of The Desk

Before David Gosnell became a full time composer he followed a career in Marketing. This included working as a Brand Manager commissioning advertising and as an Accound Director receiving and delivering on Client briefs. This means that he both instinctively understands what both client and agency are trying to achieve (and can interpret the language they use, musically) but also has a realistic understanding of the 'interpersonal complexities' that govern why some tracks are chosen and others are not.


This means that we also have a realistic understanding of the pitch process in which an agency can expend a whole lot of resource to impress a client who 'wants to go in a new direction', only to get a 1 line rejection e-mail and the news that they're sticking with the incumbent after all. As a result of our background, we handle agencies much as you handle clients, with; budgets, contact reports, unmissable deadlines, diplomacy and a team based approach to creativity. In addition we offer access to the HDM Workspace allowing us to keep pitching ideas into the pot right up until the last minute.


Guitar n Speakers PE CZ

In terms of Corporate Videos, much of what you find in the Producers, Directors and Editors menus applies, as we have the same production quality standards for both entertainment and commercial projects. The value we add is an ability to understand and respond to commercial objectives with creativity. As with advertising, we would be happy to score a corporate video pitch for new clients without a fee.*


Why Not?

If we have no established relationship with either you or a specific client then we have no expectation of a pitch fee* - we're pitching to get a new client just like you are. If you are already e-mailing a brief to your usual roster of composers, why not just add our address to the CC: box, who knows - we may come up with something that wins you the pitch for the cost of a quick cut n paste!


* A pitch fee being defined as a guaranteed fee whether the agency/corporate video producer is awarded the project or not. We would of course expect to be paid if our work or the work of another composer directly derrived from our pitch submission is used in the final project.


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