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Atlas Mask on Transparent Col PEHow can HDM help Composers?


All of us I guess have a line in the sand.


Maybe when your hours of sleep fall below 5 a day, or when the budget exceeds the cost of hiring a plumber for a day, or when the time you've got to deliver 60 minutes of music is how long it takes a plumber to earn £1,000 - or maybe even when the project requires a style of composition or orchestration that's so far outside your comfort zone you'd be quicker learning to be a plumber.


Whatever it is, beyond that line is where you might think about getting a little help.


If there's something that needs doing but you don't have either the time, skills, hardware or software to do it then I might be the person to help. Services for composers include:

  • Orchestration
  • Midi Programming
  • Arangements
  • Orchestra Part Preparation
  • Sub-contracting (ghost or credited)

Baton PE CZ  

Our studio is equipped with both PC and Mac running Cubase, Logic and ProTools to ensure compatibility with your needs, and with libraries from VSL, EWQL, Audiobro, Spitfire, CineSamples and many others to deliver the quality your clients demand.

Success as a media composer is so much about networks and relationships. If you are offered work but don't have time (or just don't want to!) undertake it - but want to maintain the relationship with the client, it might be worth asking me if I can sub-contract (either creditied or not) - then everyone's happy. I look forward to the opportunity to buy you the extra time you need to truly focus on the big picture.


David Gosnell can also act as a Composer's Assistant on a project basis (flat fee or per hour), including:

  • Preparing Mock-ups
  • Preparing instrumental parts
  • Liaison with other departments / between music department members (and we can add access to a Project Area in the HDM Workspace)
  • Attending Sessions (spotting / mixing / recording / dubbing)
  • Orchestration
  • Conducting
  • The 'paperwork' (Cue sheets, contact reports, meeting notes, bookings etc.)
  • The 'donkeywork' (Taking stuff to places, waiting to bring stuff from places, making coffee, serving biscuits [quality depends on budget])

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