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Atlas KKColorizedPEWhy would a Director want to work with HDM?


First things first, it's your baby. Our role is to fulfil your vision and help you to tell your story in the most engaging way possible. Although we aim to bring creativity to the party, the project defines the music that is required and not the personal preferences of the composer. Therefore, we bring no stylistic credo with us, so whether the story requires full orchestra, African percussion, jazz trio, multiple layered synths or a choir of kazoos and swanee whistles - then we arrive with a open mind.


If you have no set ideas about music, we are happy to take a lead role and offer what we think will work best. Equally, if you have a clear concept and want us to be guided by temp tracks or specific instructions then that's absolutely fine. Compositionally, both approaches can be equally rewarding.


Most of the 'Showreel' tracks on this site are melodically / harmonically based (unobtrusive 'atmosphere' tracks don't really make much sense in the absence of pictures - and video showreels say more about the Director who made them than they describe the sensibilities of the composer) but we are more than happy to be right in the background if that's what works for the scene. If in doubt why not send us a scene to score with an outline brief - we'd be happy to get the opportunity to win your confidence.

  African Drum PE CZ

If you already work with a specific composer or have a roster from which you usually choose, why not take the opportunity to send us the brief you send them?  It won't cost you anything, you're committed to nothing and who knows, we may surprise you with something that's really effective - and you can never predict what is round the corner, we might be able to ride in on our white charger when your chosen composer gets that call from Spielberg and elects to bail?


Finally, in the same way that we'll adapt our working methods to fit your style - we'll do the same with the rest of the team.


Our working practice includes close working contact with editors, music editors, music supervisors, sound designers, foley artists and dubbing engineers. Work with us and your entire team gets access to the HDM Workspace. This not only aids in collaboration but also ensures you can monitor our progress as work continues - much better than finding when the composer unveils the formal draft that it isn't what you were hoping for. You can never underestimate the challenge of one person describing to another what they require in terms od composition - one man's 'tinkly thing' is another man's bell tree - the HDM Workspace is our way of bringing the worlds of different creative disciplines closer together.


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