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Atlas BMColorizedPEEditors, Music Editors & Music Supervisors - why would having HDM on the team be good for you?


You know that thing where the Director and Composer have totally opposing views as to how a project should be scored, argue, stop talking to each other and then you end up having to be the intermediary channel for their communications? Not that!


Or what about that thing when the file naming is inconsistent and doesn't contain a TC reference, the bit rate keeps swapping and the audio files start with random seconds of silence so you end up putting the wrong music in the wrong place in the wrong cues and the Producer asks if you're getting enough sleep? Not that either!


Media composing is a business which is at its most successful if you can gain clients, build a relationship with them and end up as their 'go-to' composer for a number of years. While we do have our own opinions, the Director is the boss and the Producer pays us - and we've no intention of falling out with either!


We also want Editors and Supervisors to enjoy working with us so; they'll tell their boss we're cool to work with, and recommend us to others who might be in a position to hire us (an arrangement which of course works both ways!) For that reason, at the start of each new project we'll ask you what you need, by when and how you want it delivered - and that's what you'll get.

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Throughout the project you'll have access to the HDM Workspace which ensures that what you need is what we're working on. Through this site you'll also have access to a large amout of categorised music you're welcome to use as temp tracks. If you need anything on the site adapted for that purpose, just get in touch.


On the subject of the Workspace, it is possble to set up private areas within a project where we can collaborate to get our ducks in a row before revealing a presentable cut to present to a 'wider audience'.


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