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Production Libraries

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Why would you want HDM tracks in your catalogue?


Well, the honest answer is, that depends. In our experience each library has its own loyal customer base and relationships with clients that are strong. We don't really do U2 or Coldplay 'sound-alikes', nor are we a band producing Indie tracks with vocals.


Although we do produce 'Beds' - that would usually be when required within a specific project - rather than as a stand-alone track for 'off-the-shelf' licensing. You may want to count us out for Rap as well - unless we work in collaboration with a specialist in that field.


What we do write is music that helps to tell stories or communicate messages. If the kind of music you find in the Showreels matches the kind of thing your clients are looking for then we'd be happy to talk to you about individual tracks or complete themed albums.

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We have experience of producing work to Library briefs and delivering commercial lengths, stings, segues, pick-ups and so forth. We have also produced trailer library tracks, structured to meet the needs and requirements of trailer editors. We are experienced in writing music which adds emotion, drama, tension and dynamic drive to pictures and music which leaves frequncy space for voice-overs.


We would welcome being included within the ranks of your current roster of composers to whom you send 'writer's briefs', and being given an opportunity to impress you (as well as generate you some income!)


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