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The tracks below are available to License on a non-exclusive basis (i.e. that these tracks are available to license uniquely retitled for your library - but also available under different titles in other non-exclusive libraries) and are be available to production libraries either in their current form or modified to your requirements, including:

•    Commercial Lengths
•    Mastered Stems for Clients
•    Unmastered Stems so you can mix/master in your house style
•    Extensions, edits, restructures, rewrites, re-arrangements

Whether you're peering intently at trace evidence in the lab or setting out with your ski-mask and laser-sighted semi-automatic to take our the terrorist base camp; you are determined, professional, stealthy, cunning - and lets face it just a little bit cool. You may even be the sort of guy who needs to remove his sunglasses in order to deliver a pithy one-liner. Whatever the case, this dark rhythmic track suits you down to the ground.
Synthesisers, Sound Design, Bass, Drums

Blessed Continuity
Whatever grand and dramatic events play out on the main stage, everywhere else, life carries on as normal. This track celebrates the continuity in everyday activities, sometimes happy, sometimes routine, sometimes unusual - but always present.
Instrumentation: Piano, Chamber Orchestra

Bossa Man 
He's the cool guy with the slicked hair who, no matter what obstacles are placed in his way, used his suave charm and slick moves to get the girl and win the day. His cool and his look have a retro feel, as does this track with Latin influences and a touch of 50's/60's smooth. Adding Harpsichord, Oud, Santoor, Byeon and Marimba means the outcome will be achieved with a little added quirk!
Instrumentation: Strings, Latin Percussion, Saxophones, Alto Flute, Oud, Harpsichord, Santoor, Byeon, Piano, Marimba

Zimnal Dark
Reminiscent of a certain movie franchise and a certain composer, this track sets the scene of a city where criminals are dark and the superheroes maybe a little darker. A classic combination of orchestra with synthesisers and liberal use of the Kaboom! button.
Instrumentation: Cinematic Orchestra, synthesisers, sound design

It's 2 AM in the City and the crew have gathered, summoned via their social network to take part in an event none of them were aware of an hour earlier. Whether they are helping create a new piece of graffiti artwork, creating a garden from a piece of wasteland or planning some five-fingered discount from Debenhams during a period of social unrest - the Flashmob is a contemporary phenomenon. Starting with Sound Design to depict night-time in the city, they gather from different directions to undertake the task. The track grows with the activity with an anthemic climax that melts into nothing as their handywork is left complete - with no sign of those who undertook it.
Instrumentation: Synthesisers, Junkyard Percussion, Tribal Drums, Dulcimer, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitars, Bass Guitar, Cello, Sound Design

Marimbum Pizzicatus
It is a prime directive of International Law that music for Dramedy must feature Marimba, Pizzicato strings and optionally piano. As a law abiding citizen, I have no choice but to comply. There are curious goings on in suburbia, where the white picket fence is decorated by a corpse - waiting to be reburied for fear of inadvertent discovery. And you wouldn't believe the series of events which lead to the corpse's demise in the first place. Who'd have thought a fish tank could be so hazardous?
Instrumentation: Marimba, Strings, Piano, Latin Percussion, Woodwind, Sound Design
Whether you're smearing your face with military make-up, dusting off your laser-sighted sniper rifle, proceeding silently toward the enemy camp in serpentine fashion or just adjusting your special forces beret - you have the tools you need to get the job done and save humanity to fight another day. Of course these days you are more likely to be sitting at your desk 1,000 miles away from the bad guys preparing to kill them by clicking your mouse - but you're probably equipped with some really cool moody lighting and a really fast broadband connection. Either way, this is music to prepare to adios the bad guys to.
Instrumentation: Synthesisers, drums, sound design

No Survivors
Sometimes a picture is so compelling the music only needs to provide a frame to view it in. Scenes of devastation, the countless victims of a natural disaster, wildlife on the verge of extinction, desert where there once was forest or the devastation of a single individual. This simple track underscores the emptiness when all is lost.
Instrumentation: Piano, Cello, Sound Design

A Time Of War
Solitary trumpet call, sonorous voiceover, three breeds of snare drum - yes, this must be a time of war. Whether its a review of a historic battle or a documentary containing the recollections of veterans and survivors, this is the kind of 'we prepared to attack at dawn' kind of underscore you need.
Instrumentation: Classical Orchestra
Not The Baker's Apprentice
The time has come where one plucky competitor is going to have to make the long journey home. They gather exchanging anxious glances in the boardroom/kitchen - the tension rising as we remember their journeys so far. Then enters the decision maker (who has clearly brought the drum kit with them!) the tension (and emotion) rises to unbearable levels - more anxious glances, then ... silence
Instrumentation: Synthesisers, strings, percussion, brass.

Waltz Triste
In every plot line driven by a tragic love in the past, there comes a time where the happiness before a fateful event is remembered - star crossed lovers dancing a waltz. The melody of the waltz is heard in the present on a solo piano, but as the vision of the past is glimpsed it is joined by an orchestra - and we see them happily swirling across a dance floor now covered in dust, cobwebs and the shadow of regret.
Instrumentation: Solo Piano, Classical Orchestra

Unusual Fruit
There comes a time in the life of every maker of documentaries when you encounter a true eccentric. This character has a unique world view, which although perfectly rational to them seems to us a little 'off'. This is their soundtrack.
Instrumentation:  Piano, Zither, Vibraphone, Violin, Woodwind, Strings & Sound Design & General Wierdness
Chocks Away!
The handle-bar moustaches, the old kite, the silk scarf trailing behind, a good thrashing for Bertie Bosch and back to Blighty in time for afternoon tea - Hurrah! A ripping yarn of adventure and daring do before the invention of the unmanned drone and enemies unsporting enough not to wear a uniform. Welcome to the world of Biggles and Alan Quartermain!
Instrumentation: Classical Orchestra

Transformation Time
A view into the lives of those who live in a world different to our own. At first glance they appear fortunate, but in reality are in a bit of a mess and need an expert to come in and offer some helpful advice - which in all probability they won't take. Sophisticated strings and woodwind joined by the obligatory FE Celeste.
Instrumentation: Classical Orchestra
Plans In Motion
All the pieces are in place, all eventualities have been considered and now it is time to put the wheels in motion. The plan commences slowly at first and then gathers momentum. The enemy won't know what hit 'em!
Instrumentation: Classical Orchestra
Taste Of Ashes
A man stands on the precipice, he no longer wants any part of the things he has done in a life he now regrets. Visions of the people he will leave behind flow across his mind, he is reconciled to the end of this life and the beginning of a new one. He is gone.
Instrumentation: Strings, Piano, Sound Design
A Time For Heroes
Archetypal track for that moment when the unlikely band of heroes round the corner in slow motion about to take off in the secret space-ship to save the world one more time. Slow build from heroic undertones to glorious take-off.
Instrumentation: Cinematic Orchestra

Heat Of Battle
The 6th Panzer Army rumbles to engage the U.S. 2nd Infantry in the weeks following D Day. Heavy armour, determined soldiers, maverick generals and thousands of casualties, all reflected in this 'mechanised battle' cue. It builds from the commencement of hostilities to a thunderous climax and fade.
Instrumentation: Cinematic Orchestra

Homespun Wisdom
Archetypal Morgan Freeman Voice-Over underscore for orchestra. Long slow build to the 'moment of wisdom' one-liner.
Instrumentation: Cinematic Orchestra

In general, any track in the Showreels with the Showreel Track icon, is currently unlicensed.

If you wish to be notified each time a new track comes available for licence, please subscribe to this page with your e-mail address to be automatically notified when new tracks are added as available.

[Licence Under Negotiation] means that a production Music Library has either said they want the track and we are waiting to review and exchange contracts or that a library has expressed interest in a track and it is currently under internal review for inclusion in a forthcoming release. In either case, if you like the track it may be worth getting in touch as either things may change or we can write you something similar to fill a gap in your catalogue.


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