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So, what's the good news for the production department when you hire HDM?


Lets start with negotiation. We aim to make the process of hiring us as stright forward as possible. We believe in an 'up-front contract' where all parties understand what is expected of them and as little as possible is 'assumed'. Once we're agreed on expectations, then we're fully committed - as tough as things may get, we will see it through without any sign of tantrums or tiaras.


Then there's harmony - no, not the musical kind.


'Creative differences' are for 'artistes' and rock bands, we are craftspersons and part of our job is to blend harmoniously with the rest of the team without misunderstandings or breakdowns in communication. We come equipped with an 'ego-fader' which means where a director needs our support with matters musical we can lead from the front, and where conversely the director has 'mandatory preferences' - then, whether we share their preferences or not we will produce our best work within the terms of reference we are given.

And that doesn't just apply to Directors, however the dubbing engineer you hired wants their files, then that's how we'll provide them. If the Sound Designer suggests one of our cues be replaced by one of their rumbly-boomy noises, we'll smile sweetly irrespective of the Director's decision.

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We offer full committment - attendence at all spotting sessions, recording sessions, dubbing sessions and any other meetings where our input may be of value will be guaranteed where required in our 'up-front' contract. Equally, whetever musical support we can offer during pitching/funding or promotional activity, we will undertake gladly.


Creativity is not just a question of composition. Within limited resources - be that time, money, or both - we will do our best to offer creative solutions to ensure that they do not adversely affect production quality.


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