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Sound Department

Atlas SBColorizedPEWhy would SFX, Foley, Sound Design, Recording & Dubbing Engineers want HDM on the project?


I can remember sitting in front of my computer looking at a Medieval battle with no sound or visual effects and the instruction 'it needs to be intense' and trying to imagine the aural space my music needed to be able to fit into. I guess the other guys involved in creating sound for that scene were sitting in their studios thinking pretty much the same thing.


The HDM Workspace has been developed to allow us to pool our ideas, try things out and deliver to the Director something that actually works, while we are still on speaking terms in time for the wrap party.


From the moment HDM is on the project you'll have online access to our WIP as we produce it - and if you're willing - you can post your WIP for us to work to as well. Hopefully this takes some of the stress, duplicated effort and wasted time out of the process for us and gives the Director a first draft where all the sound elements are perfectly balanced to give the result they want.

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In terms of recording sessions, we're happy to structure them in the way that best suits the workflow of the engineer. We understand that is the part of the process where you add your magic and have no intention of doing anything to make that job harder.


For Dubbing Engineers, we will supply the stems exactly as you ask for them. Additionally, we will add extra stems for the more exposed 'instruments' - so when the Executive Producer says they don't like 'that twangy thing' you don't end up having to mute the entire high percussion stem.

We don't use loops, everything is programmed by us - so if you want a 1 hour online turnaround for 3M25 swapping the Cimbalom ('twangy thing') for a Marimba ('bonky thing in the previous scene that I liked') as a replacement stem - then we're here to help, whatever time it is.


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