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Why Register as a Client?

Atlas MS PEWho can register?


Is the logical first question. Well, anyone with an interest in the production of media who may have a need for our services, You could be a film or programme maker, a craftsperson involved in the 'sound side' of media production, a corporate video maker, Ad Agency, Production Music Library or even a professional composer.


When you submit a registration request we will review it and use your e-mail address or website address to determine if you would have legitimate reason to access the Client area of the site and either approve your request or get in touch to request further clarification.


When you see below what you get as a result of being a Client member of the site - hopefully you will understand our caution in protection of our intellectual property. If you are a student of one of the disciplines described above that does not rule you out - we also work on student projects, for more information in that regard, pleae check out our Information for Students page.


What Client status gives you access to:

  • Showreels with downloadable audio files to use as temp tracks


  • Additional contact information


  • Access to additional resources, including:
  • Guidance Information
  • Templates
  • Links


  • Use (once a first project has commenced) of the HDM Workspace*

* You will be able to access the HDM Workspace, but you won't find anything there until you become a client by commencing a project.


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