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1 Zimnal Dark - David Gosnell Zimnal Dark David Gosnell Cinematic Orchestra, synthesisers, sound design
Reminiscent of a certain movie franchise and a certain composer, this track sets the scene of a city where criminals are dark and the superheroes maybe a little darker. A classic combination of orchestra with synthesisers and liberal use of the Kaboom! button.
2 Unusual Fruit - David Gosnell Unusual Fruit David Gosnell Piano, woodwind, strings, weirdness
There comes a time in the life of every maker of documentaries when you encounter a true eccentric. This character has a unique world view, which although perfectly rational to them seems to us a little 'off'. This is their soundtrack.
3 Covertion - David Gosnell Covertion David Gosnell Synthesisers, sound design, bass, drums.
Whether you're peering intently at trace evidence in the lab or setting out with your ski-mask and laser-sighted semi-automatic to take our the terrorist base camp; you are determined, professional, stealthy, cunning - and lets face it just a little bit cool. You may even be the sort of guy who needs to remove his sunglasses in order to deliver a pithy one-liner. Whatever the case, this dark rhythmic track suits you down to the ground.
4 Oversized Shoes - David Gosnell Oversized Shoes David Gosnell Saxophones, Strings, Woodwind, Drum Kit, Harp
The tears of a clown. Yes a cliché, I know, but as Krusty goes about his antics entertaining the little children, he hides a secret pain that only the most perceptive can see. The less perceptive will of course notice the Jack Daniels empties on the back seat of his car.
5 Blessed Continuity - David Gosnell Blessed Continuity David Gosnell Piano, Chamber Orchestra
Whatever grand and dramatic events play out on the main stage, everywhere else, life carries on as normal. This track celebrates the continuity in everyday activities, sometimes happy, sometimes routine, sometimes unusual - but always present
6 Not The Baker's Apprentice - David Gosnell Not The Baker's Apprentice David Gosnell Synthesisers, strings, percussion, brass.
The time has come where one plucky competitor is going to have to make the long journey home. They gather exchanging anxious glances in the boardroom/kitchen - the tension rising as we remember their journeys so far. Then enters the decision maker (who has clearly brought the drum kit with them!) the tension (and emotion) rises to unbearable levels - more anxious glances, then ... slience
7 Fatal Distraction - David Gosnell Fatal Distraction David Gosnell Strings, Woodwind, Tuned Percussion, Soprano, Psaltry, Bandoneón
You know, there's something about that little girl with the long straight hair, pale skin and dark circles around here eyes that's a little unsettling. Maybe it's the blood-soaked axe in her hand, who knows? A cue for the perennial psychological thriller with a slight orchestrational nod to Bernard Herrmann.
8 Transformation Time - David Gosnell Transformation Time David Gosnell Strings, woodwind, solo celesta
There's magic in the air and a difficult task is dealt with in short order with the merest swish of a wand. Also works for Factual Entertainment where a transformation of some kind is long overdue!
9 Septiq - David Gosnell Septiq David Gosnell Percussion Ensemble
Quirky ensemble piece in 7/4 with an upbeat groove. Edgy romantic or black comedy or children's fantasy drama. Fun, happy and festive with a twist. Lots of unusual percussion, driven by bongo/conga rhythm and jazz bass. Cool vibe for ads, corporate or film/tv.
10 Chocks Away - David Gosnell Chocks Away David Gosnell Classical Orchestra
The handle-bar moustaches, the old kite, the silk scarf trailing behind, a good thrashing for Bertie Bosch and back to Blighty in time for afternoon tea - Hurrah! A ripping yarn of adventure and daring do before the invention of the unmanned drone and enemies unsporting enough not to wear a uniform. Welcome to the world of Biggles and Alan Quartermain!

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